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Welcome to Pacific Palm Marina Resort Fiji

Eighty three percent of land is owned by ethnic Fijians in communal tenure, administered by the Native Land Trust Board. Communal land may not be sold but can be leased through the NLTB. Seven percent of land is government owned and like communal land, may be leased but not sold.

The 10 percent balance is fee simple which is normally conveyed by sale negotiated directly with the owner.

Sale of fee simple (freehold) over 1 acre in area to nationals other than Fiji citizens would require the Minister of Land's consent as stipulated in the land Sales Act Cap 274.

Title to land in Fiji is guaranteed under the Torrens title system (similar to the system used in New Zealand and Australia). International real estate agents are able to facilitate the sale and purchase of land in Fiji for foreign investors but the legalities of the procedure must go through a local Fiji lawyer and the investor must obtain all necessary local consents.

There are three types of land in Fiji:

  • Freehold Land: Accounts for 8.2% of the land area and can be bought outright. The Pacific Palm Marina Resort development is on 219 acres of Freehold Land.
  • Crown Lease: Accounts for 8.4% of the land area and can be leased from the Crown. The offer for sale of property on crown land of over 10 hectares has to have been advertised locally before an application for consent is considered by the minister. This procedure gives the opportunity for local Fijians to apply first before property is sold to foreign investors.
  • Native Land: Has the largest holdings with 83.4% of the land and can be leased from indigenous land owners through the Native Land Trust Board (NLTB). Native land is owned by Fijians in communal tenure with surplus land, outside reserve land, able to be leased but not sold. There are five main lease classifications - agriculture, residential, commercial, industrial and special with each one holding separate lease procedures and regulations.

The Fiji Government encourages and welcomes foreigners buying property in Fiji subject to their complying with a few regulations. If the investor is purchasing land for business purposes, such as a resort, then the non-resident must obtain a Foreign Investment Certificate prior to carrying on business in Fiji regulated by the Foreign Investment Act.

The Minister for Lands consent must be obtained for purchases over one acre of Crown or freehold land and the Native Land Trust Boards consent must be obtained for purchases of property on native land regulated by the Land Sales Act. Freehold and Crown land over 25 acres and all native land must be advertised to provide the opportunity for indigenous people to buy it. If no indigenous person is available to buy the property, only then will it be sold to a foreigner. The Fiji Trade and Investment Board (FTIB) also provides a range of incentives aimed at encouraging foreign investment into Fiji.

You do not need to be a citizen of Fiji to purchase land in Fiji. For the first residential property purchase under 1 acre you do not need an Investor Permit but you would need a Residence and/or Work Permit to reside full time on the property.

A Permanent Residency Permit will be issued on evidence of foreign income earning not under F$25,000 per annum and a purchase of a property with no less than F$75,000 in Fiji. There is also an undertaking there will be no uptake of employment without securing a Work Permit.

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