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Welcome to Pacific Palm Marina Resort Fiji

The Government of the Republic of the Fiji Islands is dedicated to implementing policies that will achieve prosperity for Fiji citizens.

As the principal basis for development, Government is committed to fostering market-led economic growth. Government believes that economic growth is the primary means for raising incomes, expanding employment opportunities and reducing poverty in the Fiji Islands.

For more than a decade, Government has been making significant reforms to fiscal, monetary, trade, foreign exchange, competition, services and labour market policies, as well as to the broader public sector, in order to achieve a regulatory environment conducive to the efficient and competitive operation of markets.

Government encouragement

In the late 1990s, Government instituted parallel reforms to investment-related policies and legislation, in order to facilitate market-driven investment in the Fiji Islands.

Government believes that investment, by increasing the present and future productive capacity of the economy, is the driving force behind sustainable economic growth.

Government recognizes that it is only through high levels of investment - both public and private - that the economy of the Fiji Islands will sustain rising consumption, growing incomes, increasing productivity, the creation of new employment, and the diversification of the economic base. A key Government priority is therefore to raise the annual level of investment to at least twenty-five percent of gross domestic product. Government will achieve this goal by increasing public investment - particularly in physical infrastructure and human capital - and by stimulating and facilitating higher levels of private investment.

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