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Welcome to Pacific Palm Marina Resort Fiji

Fiji offers the following blend of advantages to investors to locate their investments in manufacturing and other enterprises:

1. Preferential access to Australian and New Zealand markets under SPARTECA, to the Canadian and Japanese markets under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Agreement, to PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands under the Bi-lateral (BTA)and the Melanesian Spearhead Group Trade Agreements (MSG), and access to the European markets under ACP-EU Cotonou Agreement. The ACP-EU Cotonou Convention (Previously known as LOME Convention) offers preferential access for Fiji's sugar to the EU market through the Sugar Protocol.

2. Easy repatriation of capital and profits

3. An adaptable, productive, industrially disciplined and English speaking labour force with competitive wage rates.

4. A well balanced package of financial incentives and other assistance schemes including a customs duty and VAT suspension scheme for manufacturing for export.

5. Good air and sea links with overseas markets

6. Sophisticated telecommunication links with fibre optic cable connections with the rest of the world

7. A well developed infrastructure, including electricity, water supplies and internal communications

8. Availability of factory land and buildings at reasonable rates.

9. A government which welcomes and supports local and foreign investment, within its overall objectives of accelerating industrial development.

10. Well developed banking and financing institutions providing full ongoing financial services.

11. An illustrious list of local and foreign companies, large and small already successfully manufactured and operating in Fiji.

12. Under the Foreign Investment Act, the FTIB issues business certificates to all new foreign investment proposals within 5 working days of receiving complete proposals.

13. A tropical paradise of beautiful sun drenched islands.

14. Good educational facilities which comprises primary, secondary and tertiary including medical and technical educational institutions.

15. Good health and medical facilities including a modern private hospital.

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