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Welcome to Pacific Palm Marina Resort Fiji

Acquiring any property is an investment. It does not matter whether it is intended as your primary home, for business or for simply speculation; the fact is that all real estate ownership involves some level of risk. We here at the Gillier Group have two intentions when it comes to your investment decision “ absolutely, positively minimize your risk and to maximize your return”

So how do we intend to minimize your risk?

First, we choose an optimal location. Pacific Harbour offers “more” of Fiji than anywhere else in the country. Access to the only major city in the South Pacific is less than an hour away. Our complex sits on one of the most beautiful beach shorelines on Fiji’s mainland. Pacific Harbour is also home to fantastic golf, its 20 mins from the world famous Beqa reefs that are considered to be possibly the ultimate diver’s paradise. It also offers extraordinary game fishing, and an amazing array of wondrous eco-activities literally at its borders.

Second, we create a superb resort complex. Pacific Palm Marina Resort will be the finest resort community in Fiji. It is a development that at its foremost will always be considered highly desirable as a tourist destination. It’s not enough to join in with the going trend and invest in the “happening” areas. Focusing on quality will always drive demand, particularly when priced aggressively, and this provides not only cash flow to the property but the highest potential for appreciation.

Finally, we only offer property options designed to generate cash returns based on truly “reasonable” levels of occupancy and at reasonable room rates. Far too often, disillusioned resort property investors later come to find out that they need excessively high rates of occupancy to make an impact on their bottom line. The room rate assumptions used in our projections are all at or below current market levels. This helps ensure that demand for these rooms maintains a high level, and that will mean extra return for you. Great demand, great value and a great location will mean plenty of return visits and long term investment security for you.

Maximizing Return

Now let’s look at the other side of the investment ledger - the returns we generate and how we intend to maximize them for you.

First, our promotional and marketing campaigns play to the world’s largest markets with the most favorable exchange rate factors. This helps to ensure that top-dollar markets are vying for an extremely desirable opportunity. It only makes good sense to put the highest paying markets at play in a competitive arena, your upside is placed at its highest potential.

Second, we have offered all our investment options at super attractive rates. There is nothing better that an investor can do in order to generate maximum return than buying in at the earliest moment at the cheapest cost. Adding just 10% to your initial sales price would reduce your return by 18% if your property would have doubled in value from the lower purchase price.

Finally, we emphasize that your ultimate return is NOT measured by ROI (Return on Investment) but rather by UPE (Ultimate Paradise Experience). Our point is simple: when you acquire a Pacific Palm property, you are acquiring something that numbers can never fully quantify. No one yet has been able to make an accurate return calculation for “Paradise”. Spending your days and nights at Pacific Palm brings a magical return that is impossible to describe and yet so very possible to live.

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